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Gerard Reid

Co-founder and Partner, Alexa Capital

Gerard Reid is a Co-founder and Partner at Alexa Capital, an independent financial services business committed to mobilising capital towards achieving net-zero. He is also a Fellow at the Institute of the Environment at the University of Minnesota and a member of the Global Future Council on Advanced Energy Technologies at the World Economic Forum.

Gerard has developed a strong reputation as a leading global expert in the energy and mobility space. A trusted authority on the energy transition, he is a published author and avid blogger, with a following of more than 150k across several platforms. He is also the co-host of “REDEFINING ENERGY” podcast, which explores how Finance, Technology, Innovation, Markets and Regulations are radically redefining the world of energy.

He is focussed on empowering and accelerating change by advising organisations, industry leaders and global decision makers (business, finance and government) on the transition towards net-zero carbon emissions.

His breadth of experience stems from 20 years working in the finance industry (equity research, fund management and corporate finance) with a focus on both the energy transition and the digital energy revolution the sector is going through. Prior to founding Alexa Capital, he was Managing Director and Head of European Cleantech Research at Jefferies & Co. Gerard was also an adjunct professor at Imperial College London, and a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.