SuperNode is a global technology development company that designs and delivers cutting-edge, superconducting cable systems for bulk power transmission.

SuperNode’s technology will connect electricity markets in a way that facilitates the integration of large-scale renewables and the achievement of a decarbonised energy system.

SuperNode is collaborating with technology companies and research-based organisations in the areas of cryostats, cryogenics, materials, and transmission technology – with a specific focus on direct current (DC) applications.

Conventional cables are limited in terms of current levels which in turn limit their power transfer capability.

Networks based upon superconducting cable systems can move larger quantities of power over longer distances with smaller and less obtrusive infrastructure and without electrical losses.

SuperNode was founded in 2018 by Eddie O’Connor with Mainstream Renewables. Pat Cox, former President of the European Parliament, is Chairman. SuperNode is co-owned by Eddie O’Connor and Norwegian green investment group AKER Horizons.